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Separation, instead of divorce, is an option that can be pursued by a married couple when their marriage is falling apart. If you have been together in a relationship for a long time, it’s normal to be hesitant to bring up the idea of an open relationship because you don’t want to upset the status quo or risk alienating someone you truly love. LAT is more common among young people, those enrolled in higher education, people with liberal attitudes, highly educated people, and those who have previously cohabited or been married. I wonder if this applies to couples who are in a similar living status. However, if the marriage breaks down, any property owned by you or your partner will be taken into account when arriving at a financial settlement on divorce.

And if you’re thinking of trying a threesome, it doesn’t hurt to know what you’re in for, plus how (or if) it will affect your relationships with the people involved. It gives spouses the opportunity to live apart, allowing them the space and time to see if they truly want resolve their problems to make the marriage to work. In fact, many couples I work with report feeling closer to one another after a threesome, as it was a shared experience in which they genuinely put their partner’s needs ahead of their own.

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It is pretty simple to understand that being married is extremely hard because there just is never anything simple about it. There is a lot to learn about marriage and even some people who have made it through thirty or so years may tell you they really do not know how they did it. So since your typical marriage is hard enough as it is, having a long distance marriage can make it even harder. Some men say threesomes can be invigorating, add some extra spice to one’s sex life and are just plain fun and exciting.

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