What About Transfer Applicants!?!?!?

We know plenty of our transfer applicants are anxiously waiting for decisions and lots of have the questions that are same! We hear you and hope this FAQ shall help as you wait to know from us.

When will I find out my choice?

All transfer students who applied to USC for fall 2015 admission will be notified of either a determination, or an ask for more information by June 1. We have been in the means of making choices, so some learning students have heard back from us while many have not. Just it is good or bad news there are still a couple weeks until June 1 and we are making our way through all the applications because you haven’t heard from our office yet does not mean.

What does a Spring Grade Request mean?
For some pupils, we aren’t able to produce a decision because of the information we actually have. We might request to see your final springtime grades to assist us in building a choice. As they are available if you received a spring grade request, please send us your grades as soon. Different schools finish at different occuring times, so that the faster you can deliver us your grades, the faster an admission can be got by us choice back to you.

We are mindful that numerous semester system schools finish in May and quarter that is many in June. Our admission counselors are aware of this timeline, and we will be accommodating to each school that is individual but once more, usually do not delay in delivering us your grades whenever we asked for them.

If I’m admitted, whenever am I going to find out which of my classes transfer to USC?
Students whom are admitted and enroll at USC will get a Transfer Credit Report (TCR) that details classes that will move and which requirements are being met. These reports are available three to six weeks after students submits their commitment deposit, and now we receive complete and official transcripts of all college work, and exam that is official. Students will receive a message notification when the TCR is available to view at my.usc.edu.

What about Financial Aid?
after you have been admitted to USC if you met all deadlines and eligibility requirements and promptly submitted any additional documents the Financial Aid Office requested, you will be notified of your financial aid within 7 business days. You’ll monitor your award status online at My school funding & Documents (https://www.usc.edu/admission/fa/my_fa/index.html).

Spring Admission?
While all students applied for the Fall 2015 semester, some students may be admitted to the Spring 2016 semester. This permits us to accommodate more students. We encourage pupils to continue using courses either at their present organization or another school. If you are admitted to the Spring semester and now have questions in what to do within the shmoop.pro fall, you can contact your admission counselor for additional information.

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December 1, 2015

By: Hillary Higgins

Hello through the other side….

Interviews…another area of the college application process. We’re presently finishing up our on-campus interviews through the finish of November (Thanksgiving excluded.) You could also see us conducting interviews in cities in your area through the United States. At this time in the act, it’s feasible you’ve already gone through a few college interviews, and I’m sure during the end you left with either feelings of success, dissatisfaction, excitement or a number of other adjectives that could describe the uncertainty that is an interview. Ideally I’m able to offer you a insight that is little that which we are thinking during those 30 mins. Our interviews generally past around 25 minutes and now we as admission counselors, spend afternoons, from 1:30 pm until 4:30 pm, interviewing around five pupils. So, what’s actually going through our minds once we sit down across the table from you? Well, that largely depends on you…

Welcome Springies!

On behalf associated with whole USC Community, we here in the Admission Office wish to expand a welcome that is warm the latest members of the Trojan household.

We cannot wait to see you tomorrow for the very first Spring Welcome event: A social at Tommy’s Place beginning at 6:00 PM. Friday is full of welcome events for you personally and your family members, starting at 10:00 AM having a welcome from President C.L. Max Nikias during the Spring New Student Convocation.

Fun events is going to be held each day on Friday, including career exploration for Dornsife students as well as a USC geocaching experience! For a complete list of friday’s events, follow this link.

We wish you enjoy your introduction to the University, and remind you to definitely take full advantageous asset of all of the fantastic resources on campus.

Fight On!